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Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed for organizations that requires core financial management, trade and business intelligence, and reporting functionality. Its rich set of features extends the supply chain management, service, manufacturing, business intelligence and reporting and development capabilities beyond many other systems available today – making it the perfect choice for growing organizations that need an adaptable solution.
  • Usability and Role Centers. Improved productivity with Role Centers and familiar user interface. 
  • Performance Management. Deeper insights into important performance indicators. 
  • Corporate Finance and HR. Better financial controls and improved compliance management. 
  • Line of Business Management. Quicker adoption to new business models and expanded partner relationships. 

A single solution increases visibility and collaboration across your business. You maintain central control by, among other things, collecting global KPI’s. At the same time, though, you still meet local needs.
A standard solution; consolidated KPIs 
Microsoft Dynamics AX is consistently deployed across multiple business units, legal entities and country offices. KPIs are then consolidated immediately at headquarter level in a single business solution. 
The result is a standardized global ERP platform that’s compliant with local requirements and scales with your business. 
A cost-efficient global solution 
We can help you deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX across the multiple sites and culture of your organization. 
Rapid deployment; high level of acceptance 
In addition to our Microsoft Dynamics AX services, the solution has a number of basic characteristics that make it inherently rapid to deploy: 

  • High user acceptance: Easy to learn, Microsoft Dynamics AX has a Microsoft user-interface that thousands of end users around the world already are familiar with and enjoy using 
  • Meets industry requirements: Core manufacturing and Project management functionality out of the box and a wide array of certified industry solutions available 
  • Meets local statutory requirements: Deeply localized both by Microsoft and its partners
  • Deep localizations: With support for over 25 countries and even more languages, it allows enterprises to make the most of the strengths of Microsoft Dynamics AX 

What we can offer you? 
Dynamic Soft are specialised in providing solutions which are build in Microsoft Technologies and will customize a Microsoft Dynamics AX solution to the way your company business works, complete integration to organization systems and easily extended to meet your business needs. A custom-tailored world class solution or upgrade means you’ll get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics AX solution – from implementation to training to support.

Why Microsoft Dynamics AX as an ERP solution? 
Dynamic Soft can help your organization and employees to improve productivity by providing out-of-the-box, Role Tailored access to information, tasks and business processes by implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX. Gain deeper insight into critical business data across your organization with relevant performance indicators based on predefined data cubes and flexible analytical tools. 
Microsoft Dynamics AX can provide your organization with compelling business value in a single solution that extends into every area of your operations to:

  • Improve productivity 
    Familiar, easy-to-use tools and access to RoleTailored information and tasks enable employees to work quickly and make smart, proactive decisions. 
  • Manage change and growth 
    Scale your business systems and adapt processes easily with a single solution that can support your strategic initiatives and help manage change in the marketplace, such as new product launches and mergers and acquisitions. Build more profitable partnerships and respond swiftly to change by integrating processes and sharing information and documents. 
  • Compete globally 
    Manage the complexities of a global organization with one centralized multi-country, multi-Language, multi-site solution that helps you standardize processes and gain visibility across your organization while keeping on top of changes in local regulations. 
  • Simplify compliance
    Stay ahead of regulatory compliance and reduce risk and liability associated with corporate governance and customer initiatives. 
  • Streamline business processes across locations and countries 
    Provide support for shared service centers for greater standardization across the organization and take advantage of economies of scale to reduce redundancy and operational costs. Integrated, Web-based expense management helps ensure employees follow your company’s best practices. In addition, new multi-site capabilities enable your growing organization to plan and allocate materials and resources smoothly across facilities. Internal sales representatives can provide accurate delivery dates using available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP) functionality. 

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